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Garage Addition in Beamsville

Garage Addition in Beamsville

This property in Beamsville was beautiful, but it had just one problem...there wasn’t enough room! That’s where the K3 Homes team came in, our designers worked with the

client to determine the best way to add an addition to the home while still maintaining the it’s elegant style. After the designs were finalized, our renovators got to work.

Upon completion, the new addition accentuates the house perfectly without compromising its functionality or style. The addition features a large garage on the ground level and a stunning balcony on the second, allowing for more storage space and a new living area that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Has this addition sparked a renovation idea in you? We’d love to help take your idea and make it a reality! Contact the K3 Homes team to book your initial consultation.

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