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Addition in St. Catharines

Addition in St. Catharines

This quaint home in St. Catharines was in need of a kitchen renovation, what it got in return was that and so much more! The K3 Homes team discussed the client’s biggest needs and determined that adding an addition to the home, building a kitchen within it and including a basement underneath were the 3 key solutions to satisfying their needs. Once this was determined, the team got to work.

Throughout the renovation process, our team of experienced renovators had to overcome many challenges. Whether it was formulating how to maximize the house’s backyard space while designing the addition or determining how to fully utilize the space to best fit the client’s needs. Once the foundation was laid for the addition and the framing was completed, the pieces quickly began to fall into place.

Upon completion, the home received a massive boost in floor space. The basement has allowed for a huge increase in storage space as well. However, the true show stopper is the new kitchen. Featuring a modern, yet elegant look, the kitchen accentuates the high ceilings and provides maximum space versatility. The island and surrounding stations feature gorgeous Cambria countertops while the kitchen’s design allows for easy accessibility.

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