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K3 Homes General Contractor offers wonderful works for productive people.

K3 Contracting is a family company with many years offering limitless possibilities with State of the Art Renovations, Restorations, New Builds and Remodeling for both Homes and Commercials Establishments.
We definitely meet the needs of the Canadian Home Renovation Industry and Canadian Homeowners. K3 is established to help protect both the homeowner and the commercial building owners for their contracting in renovation and restoration projects. Our focus is to establish the trust of homeowners.
We design your dream bathroom, kitchen, addition or basement with our highly trained and experienced professionals.. Our experts will do anything related to the services we offer. We enjoy what we do and have fun doing it. We guarantee our work and we stand by it.

Our skills and real work experience showcases our quality work and satisfaction from our customers. We accomplish this by providing excellence in projects we are hired for. This is what we are seamlessly good at, loving while doing it and excited for any construction, renovation, restoration or remodeling work.

Why Choose K3 Homes?

5 Star Fast and Responsive Customer Support!

We are the best general contractor in Canada

5 Star Fast and Responsive Customer Support! 7 Days on Duty. Call Us Anytime! Do not hesitate to call on weekends and holidays for any emergency work!

Roof is leaking, water damage, and wet basement, need fast paining, need a fast contractor to repair your home! Call Us Anytime!

Well Trained, Highly Experienced and Educated

Well Trained, Highly Educated & Experienced Contracting Team. We are a group of
highly experienced and productive work team. We get work done as you dreamed!

Unlimited Possibilities with Quality Work

Unlimited Possibilities with Quality Work by Good People. You Dream We Do It! There is no hard or small job, We do it all. You name it we get it done!

Custom Home & Business Contracting Services

Custom Home & Business Contracting Services For All from roof the ground, from custom to generic homes, we will do all you need. Try us to see what we are capable of!

Inexpensive Budget!

For everyone & every size of work. We accept no excuse! We do work for every budget,
every size home or commercial projects. We know what you are going through
so we are there for you.

Robust and Fast Contracting Services within Your Budget

Robust and Fast Contracting Services within Your Budget. We love what we do. we enjoy
building, repairing, designing, upgrading, implementing and experiencing.

What are you waiting for? Call Now 905 401-4561We are friendly and positive, we are encouraging and productive, we enjoy life because we are happy at work and at home. Give us a call and let us put a smile on your face.

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